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Three One-Act Plays
October 2,3,4 and October 16,17,18-- 8 pm curtain

At the Key Largo Cultural Center
Key Largo, mm 102 Oceanside

Beau Fayad Russ Holmes

Beau Fayad

Russ Holmes

John Gallant Donna Roberts

John Gallant

Donna Roberts

Dennis Caltagirone Patrice Messina

Dennis Caltagirone

Patrice Messina

Jonelle Kop Lee Caltagirone

Jonelle Kop

Lee Caltagirone

Janis Smyly Jeremy Newman

Janis Smyly

Kat Newman

Leah White Pam Maye

Leah White

Pam Maye

William Cobey Jeremy Wilken

William Cobey

Jeremy Wilken, producer

Jonelle Kop Jeremy Wilken

Laura DiNuzzi


Jonelle Kop Jill Zima Borski

Suzanne Mason

Jill Zima Borski



(305) 453-0997 for information

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